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Henning Wunderlich

I was born in 1965 in the beautiful Sauerland. Technology fascinated me from the very early stages of my life. The result was inevitable. After I had completed my education as toolmaker, I studied engineering (specialising in production/mechanical engineering) at the advanced technical college in Wuppertal.

Experimenting, evaluating, implementing – repeating the exercise and trials. I never quit before the equipment operates perfectly and its utilisation has been optimised. My occupation is also my greatest obsession. I followed this vocation for many years as production manager, project manager for manufacturing plant construction and optimisation as well as task force manager for productivity and quality management. Additional education as NLP consultant means that I always attempt to look at the world about me.

In early summer, 2006 I decided to exchange my permanent job for an independent business with my own office. I was successful in my venture. My clients provide my best references.

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Henning Wunderlich, Ingenieurbüro für Fertigungstechnik / Interim Management
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Henning Wunderlich ist als Experte bei brainGuide aufgenommen

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