Production companies

Continuous support

Optimised production processes, equipment availability and the conservation of value are the basis for competitive production systems. They can make or break the success of an enterprise. The vast diversity that exists in production processes requires optimised, comprehensive solutions.

I can offer long-term models of support to optimise manufacturing procedures, equipment maintenance and process coordination. Whether you require daily, weekly or monthly consultations, whether you wish to employ software-supported remote diagnostics or on-site verification - you define the scope of the task. My range of services includes:

  • Production planning systems and the optimisation of manufacturing processes
  • Capacity planning and reduction of throughput plans as well as production logistics and information logistics
  • Preventive maintenance; incl. analysis of breakdowns and trouble shooting as well as systematic optimisation of manual and automatic production systems.
  • Organisational optimisation of common procedures
  • Evaluation and data analysis as well as documentation and reporting
  • Running of workshops

Individual and flexible support models in respect of plant operations offer more and more new options and new perspectives in a dynamic market. As an external production engineer, I enable you to plan for precise processing with flexible deployment options. In this manner, an individual concept in permanent support creates new competitive advantages for you.

Breakdowns and delays in the production process are reduced to a minimum to permit your company to achieve peak performance in respect of time and quality. At the same time, your staff is able to concentrate on their core competency to expedite the manufacturing process without unnecessary interference.

The most modern data acquisition, evaluation and documentation procedures guarantee the backtrack ability of all manufacturing processes and intermediate stages.