Production companies

Project support

A successful implementation of project-related tasks in manufacturing companies often requires an objective opinion from an outsider. As a freelance production engineer, I am able to take on the project management for imminent replacement of equipment or changes to the manufacturing process on a temporary basis. I support every the following project phases under consideration of innovative proposals regarding the implementation or specific optimisation methods:

  • Project planning
  • Project control

The successful realisation of a project requires a clearly specified objective. The central question is “Where do you want to go? “. Without a clear direction, it is difficult to identify the different parts of the project, to convey the urgency and hence to create the necessary acceptance at all levels. During the project initialization phase, I support the planning process of your project as follows:

  • Identification of project targets
  • Preparation of tender specifications and requirement specifications
  • Preparation of a structural project plan
  • Operations planning and scheduling
  • Resource planning
  • Cost planning
Result -> standard targets to serve as the basis for project control

Successful project management is based on proper planning. However, what is the merit of a plan that is inadequately executed? Consequently, the implementation phase of a project is just as important, since this is where most of costs are incurred. These costs can be reduced by the efficient utilisation of available resources. At the same time, the progress of the project is monitored to ensure that discrepancies with respect to planning are detected as soon as possible and to respond as necessary. The purpose of project control is to compensate for the deviations between the actual project execution and project planning.

  • Deal with project control and the project management
Control loop

Additional support systems:

  • Monitoring and elimination of remaining deficiencies
  • Staff training
  • Documentation (guaranteed traceability)
  • Knowledge management

Individual project management technology does not cover Companies that execute several concurrent and/or complementary projects in parallel. In this case, multi-project management is the recommended approach. The most important purpose of multi-project management is the coordination of every individual project, verification of the degree of achievement of objectives, the efficient distribution of scarce resources and the provision of (intermediate) results of individual projects to subsequent projects. My services in this respect cover:

  • Coordination
  • Interface management
  • Financial control